If you are looking to rent camping gear you made it to the right place. We rent simple kits filled with high quality gear and everything you need for your next adventure. Plus we deliver it right to your door. Just bring your own food and fuel.

We realize that going camping in the bay area is more challenging then people anticipate.  Especially if you have never been camping, or it’s your first backpacking trip, or maybe you only camp or backpack twice a year and don’t have all the gear.  Maybe you love to camp but your partner doesn’t have any of the gear.  There are tons of reasons to rent camping gear and the market supplies various venues to rent staple items, such as tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, etc., but that still leaves you with a big list of other items.  The Camp Kit includes all the staples plus all the other necessities in one simple kit, delivered right to your door in San Francisco or the East Bay, we’ll even deliver to the airport or your hotel.  Just pack your food and fuel.

We aim to take one of the biggest hassles out of the planning, minimizing the logistics of getting everything you might need together and also provide a great camping experience.

When you rent backpacking gear from us you will get a kit filled with everything you need to have an awesome trip into the backcountry. We provide lightweight, high quality gear and even can provide all the fun extras like hammocks, and lightweight backpacking chairs.

When you need to rent car camping gear we provide all the creature comforts of home in the woods.  We have big stoves, warm sleeping bags, large coffee pots and comfy chairs to sit around a campfire.

Regardless of what kind of camping you want to do, when you rent camping gear from us we provide you with everything you need plus helpful tips and tricks to ensure an awesome adventure outside and are #happiercampers!

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